The Wrap Habit


elevate your workout

Our waist wraps produce a thermogenic effect to the abdomen which increases blood flow, burn calories and gets your waist trimmed and toned faster than if you with into the gym without one. So, elevate your workout. Get one step ahead, and order your waist wrap today. Quality, made to last, and hand washable.

waist wrap

Melt inches fast!

See results in as little as 3 weeks depending on your workout consistency and schedule. Increase the rate of blood flow and burn calories fast! Don’t go to the gym without one! Conforms to your unique shape. One size fits most.

We’ve Got You Covered

Quality Craftsmanship

Made of 35% latex and 65% polyester to ensure strength and plausible flexiblity

Elevated Results

Thermogenic effect ensures elevated caloric burn and toned abs.

Custom Fit

One size fits most. Conforms perfectly to your shape. NO slippage like other waist trainers. 

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Get our durable waist wrap to help you get a slim waistline faster. You can even wear this under your clothes seamlessly. Watch our video ad below to see how our waist wraps work. 

waist trainer
waist wrap

We created a durable product that will last and conforms to your unique curves

What makes over waist wraps so durable and not others? Well our wraps are made of 35% latex and 65% polyester giving the wrap the right about of durability, strength, and stretch. At 4 meters long, one size fits most. It’s designed to stay in place unlike other waist training products on the market that move as you move. You control how snug or loose you need it. Just secure it with the 5 strip velcro fastening system.

How To Wear

The Wrap Habit

  • Put the end with the tag attached through the loop
  • Step into the opening that you just created and secure it at the waist for your starting point
  • began to wrap the band starting from the waist upwards towards your breast bone
  • Secure with velcro system.
waist wrap

Success Stories

This belt is a great addition to my workout equipment. It builds a sweet around my midsection giving me desired results. During my workouts, this belt keep my midsection form in place and gave me added back support. This belt can be used by men and women during workouts.

Jessica M.

Fitness chick, customer of 5 months

It fits almost every body shape, and you can adjust how tight you want it to be. I Suggest it to anyone who wants an extra push to workout without feeling your body/skin is hanging and moving a lot. It’s great quality as well.
Loved how this waist trainer allows me to set exactly where I need it. I could go really high above belly button or below pelvic area. Very comfortable
I use it every day.
Elise W.

Daily workout, customer of 7 months

This waist trainer is amazing. So much back support and you can add support where ever you need it on your torso. My trouble area is my fupa, GONE, you can’t see it when I wear my jeans! I recommend 100%

Debra B.

Workout Beginner , customer of 1 month

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